How to: Stripe Deposits

For those of you that are scratching your heads as to why reconciling Stripe Payments (for online bookings) is so difficult here's why and how to do it....

Why it doesn't make sense:
1) Stripe batches all payments on the UTC Time Zone (4-7 hours ahead of any US time zone)
2) Stripe deducts their fee from each deposit/transfer

These two things combined make it really difficult; a stripe deposit (UTC Time) may span two days (local time), and will never match amounts in any RGP Z-Out. You have to split up your z-outs so they can span two deposits and deduct the fee.

Here's how I do it (in Quickbooks):
Step 1: Make/Import Journal Entry from RGP Z-Out.
Step 2: Split Stripe amounts in Journal Entry if they span two Stripe days (split by UTC Time Zone).
Step 3: Create deposit from split amounts so that it matches Stripe gross amount, subtracting in Stripe Fee (as an extra line in deposit entry) so that it matches Stripe deposit total.

This can be confusing; you have to look at the Stripe report/export and it will give you the dates times amount and fees to help you sort it out. In general export the report to CSV, look at it in excel and create the split amounts.

Or better yet, there is a new report that RGP will have in the next update that gives you the split amounts.

-Tod | Edgeworks Climbing



  • As Tod mentions the next update will have a new "Stripe Reconciliation Report" that has all the numbers easily available to make the process above as seamless as practical.

    And thanks to Tod for designing the report!

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  • I sure hope this works because I am ready to burn my gym down!!! I love the online transactions, but it has added 3-4 hours to my monthly reconciliation.


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  • The new report is now available in the latest update.

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  • Bringing this thread back to life.... Does anybody have anymore tips for Stripe account reconciliations? Splitting the stripe z-out amount hasn't been easy as I was hoping. Maybe I am reading this report wrong...

    Any tips would much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • See our FB group and search on Stripe Deposits

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