How much does it all cost?

I'm opening my gym in a month and a half. I'm looking at using RGP with two workstations behind the counter and two waiver kiosks in the lobby. I'm wondering if anyone else has established a similar setup recently and would share info about what models of hardware, cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners, kiosk stands, etc they chose and how much they cost.
No point reinventing the wheel, right?
Any info would be helpful. I'm located in Canada.



  • I'll let someone else chime in on pricing, but you only need one cash drawer and receipt printer. They can be shared between the workstations and only having to close-out one drawer is much preferred. You can have two card swipers for credit cards connected to the same receipt printer if desired. Even at the busiest times one cash drawer won't slow you down if you have two workstations.

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  • Thanks Andy, that's helpful. Yes if someone has pricing info that would be awesome.

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  • Hello, have you had a chance to look at the Rock Gym Pro Deployment Guide? We list the recommended hardware for RGP. Here is the link:

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  • We have 3 Ipad waiver stations, two POS terminals, and one check in terminal. I have a computer in my office along with the server.

    My memory is a little foggy, so costs are not exact, but all my computer equipment
    4 terminals
    4 battery backups
    4 monitors
    1 copier scanner/printer/fax
    Server - as per RGP requirements--was about 4K.

    The Ipads and enclosures were $1500

    The rest of the RGP stuff:
    1 receipt printer
    1 cash drawer
    1 barcode scanner
    2 webcams
    2 CC readers
    Boatload of printer paper was around $900

    14 year old tech kid to set up my front desk--priceless.

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  • Good list Joe.

    Regarding the server. One can certainly spend less than $4k. Any modern Windows PC will work... and you definitely don't need "Windows Server". Just Windows 7 or Windows 8 Pro will work fine. The one expensive item is the RAID drives for redundancy... and while I feel that is important, it certainly isn't a requirement.

    If you are on a budget, just geta $1k PC to use as the "Server" to start.. and then upgrade as your budget allows.

    REGARDLESS of what server you choose - be absolutely sure to have a reliable backup... preferably with RGP's official offsite backup as then we can help in the event of a disaster.


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  • Thanks for the help, guys!

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