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I gave out some gift cards as prizes for a comp we had. I'd rung them up for their intended value, then gave a 100% discount on them and they looked perfect on the POS screen, but when someone claimed one, it had $0 balance.

A) How can I make a gift card without adding money to the POS, and B) How can I get a list of $0 balance gift cards that were created in the last month. (P.S. I know SQL very well)




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  • Create a product called "Prize Credit", or "Prize Donation".

    For the transaction..

    Add the gift card to the transaction for $X
    Add the "Prize Credit" product to the transaction for the opposite amount.

    This will result in a $0 transaction, but the gift card will have the $X credit.

    You'll also be able to track how much you give away by looking at the amount of "Prize Credit" products sold.

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