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Hey Andy,

Like many other rock gyms, we have a "recheck" or "retest" certification level that indicated the customer in question can belay for the day but must take the test again on their next visit. Is there any way you could add a recheck or retest certification level to the list? Right now, we enter notes specifying someone is a recheck. However, if the note isn't deleted, a customer can be both belay certified and a recheck. If that's possible, could you also add a lead climb + belay certification level. We allow people to be lead climb certified without being lead belay certified if they aren't going to lead belay and we have to use notes to make that distinction as well. Let me know what you think.



  • I won't be modifying the certification list, as too many gyms depend on the existing list and changing it would confuse their staff. In the RGP world, "Lead Climb" means "Lead Belay and Lead Climb". I'd recommend adding an additional policy that says "Cannot Lead Belay" in these probably rare cases.

    You can also use an additional policy for Recheck. Just create a policy called Recheck.

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  • Thanks for the response. The reason I was interested in adding the recheck certification level for rechecks is that it would make it impossible to have someone who was both a recheck and belay certified. While I'm sure you'll say, "train your staff better", and that is by no means an unfair response, it's an issue we've struggled with for a long time and no amount of reminding/training/correcting has eliminated it so I was hoping to attack it from the other side. As for the lead certification, we do treat "lead climb" as both so it is those rare cases I'm talking about. I'll look into adding a custom policy for that issue.

    Thanks again.

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