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At our gym when we test potential belayers they are marked as either 'pass', 'fail' or 'retest'. People marked 'retest' can belay for that day only, as long as they have a backup person. Those who don't pass on the first attempt are allowed to take the belay test one additional time on some other day, but if they don't pass the second time they are required to take our belay class to be able to belay at our gym. That's why it's important for us to track each person's belay test attempts. Additionally, it would be nice to track who gave them their belay test as well as why they may have not passed, too.

Our policies with alerts are already being used, so right now we're recording this information as a note and checking the alert button, but sooner or later someone won't put a note in RGP or will forget to check the alert button on that note. Any suggestions how we can make recording this data any less error prone?



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  • Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately I don't really have a better suggestion for you at this time. I intend to add some user customizable fields in the future, and perhaps this would help in this case. But any system is going to require your staff to actively do something - so it will be hard to make it less error prone without REQUIRING them to set a field, which would be limiting in other situations..


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