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I have a question regarding day-pass sales. In this scenario Bob brings his wife and daughter for a day of climbing. He purchases 3 day-passes and provides payment for the transaction. When I sign in Bob, Susie and Jane each of the three will show 'Guest-OK' on the sign-in sheet. At this point I have way to easily identify if a day-pass was purchased for these customers. I can look up in the customer's 'Invoices & Payments' record for payments. However, Bob will be the only customer who has a purchase history showing the purchase of the day-passes. His family members have no attachment to that purchase which would identify them as having properly been paid for the day.

Is there a way to easily attach a name to each day-pass which is purchased in order to record in each customer history record that a day-pass was purchased for each customer? This would provide for a complete record of daily attendance and provide a record of the type of membership(i.e. Membership, Punch Card, Day-Pass)under which the customer was provided access to the facility.



  • Here's a reply to a similar question. This big issue is the alerting issue.

    Most gyms train their staff to check-in the guests in the Check In application.

    Hope this helps

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  • Would it be possible to purchase a day-pass in the POS application and have one 'usage' added to the customer account(similar to purchasing a punch card for someone else). This usage could then be deducted by the Check-in application when the customer is signed in for the day. I agree that the alerts are very important and I want my staff to review all of the customers file when checking. However this feature would allow the Check-in application to properly reflect whether or not each customer has actually paid for the use of the facility day.

    I know this would likely fall into the future improvements/updates category. I think a feature such as this would really benefit gyms whose daily sales involves walk-in customers and parties/groups guests.

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