automatically checkin customer bying 1x entry

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Is it possible to make a feature which checks in customer when bying 1x entry? eg. this could be done "on demand" or with a button from the POS.




  • It's more complex than it first appears...

    For instance:

    * Parent purchasing day pass for child
    * Individual purchasing day pass for self + others

    The assumption implied in your request is that the purchaser is always the guest. And that is not the case. To get around this, I'd have to require them to attach a name to the Day Passes, which is really no different than checking them in.

    The additional problem is that there are a myriad of (important!) alerts when checking someone in. Personally, I want my staff to see those alerts.... and not have the check-in silently processed in the background.

    I'm not sure if my response is clear... but that's why I haven't done it yet :)

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  • Ok I understand the reasons for not making it automatic.

    What if there's a magic button appearing after purchase that asks "should I check this person in?" if the customer is not member or punch card and hasn't checked in yet that day? in that way alerts are shown to the staff and it's a little bit more controlled.

    If one person pays entry for 3 people then chekin should still be done manually for the other people.

    When it's rush hour and it gets really busy, it's not always easy to remember to do the checkin.

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