Climbing Certifications

We have 3 different certification levels. Just bouldering, Top rope and lead climb. Since there's no Top-rope in RGP, what should we use for this?

In other words, what all the different levels mean?

Bouldering = self explanatory. but do I need this because there's also "Facility access limited to bouldering" -check box. What's the difference between these two?

Just Climb = "Just climb, no access to fittness center", "Just climb anything you want", .. ?

Belay = Allowed to belay but is not allowed to climb?

Lead Belay = Allowed to belay when somebody is lead climbing but is or is not allowed to climb him/herself?

Lead Climb = self explanatory

So, in our case.
Top Rope Climbing = Just Climb
Lead Climbing = Lead Climb
bouldering = do we or do we not need bouldering certification in the list because of the check box?

Maybe this is just a language barrier but some help would be appreciated!




  • BELAY = Top Rope (at least at my gym!)

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  • It's all about how you and your staff want to interpret the certifications. They really could mean whatever you want them too. Another option is to use the Additional Policies. We use them to track a bunch of certifications at our facility.

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