Multiple POS Terminals and Anonymous Sales

Hey Andy,

We've been running RGP in our St Paul Facility now for about two weeks. It seems to be going really good for them.

They did notice that when running multiple POS terminals, 3 of them in fact, that if one terminal has "Anonymous" selected for a sale, the other two terminal's are unable to select "Anonymous" to make a sale.

I told them to start using the customers name more, to help alleviate the issue. They were wondering if there is anything you can change to help alleviate the issue.




  • Ha - that's a funny side effect. This is to prevent multiple customers from being selected on terminals simultaneously, but it is also doing it for the "Anonymous" customer. I can fix that in the next update.

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  • That's what I figured was the case. Thanks for looking into it for me.

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