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Hey Andy,

I'm planning on setting up our St Paul facility with RGP at the end of the month. We are currently running it here in Duluth and now it is time to get St Paul setup. Next month we plan on setting up Warrenville.

I plan on setting everything up exactly the same way I have it setup here in Duluth. Which should be easy enough. Down the road I hope to be running your up coming multi site version. Is there anything that I should keep in mind to make the transition easier down the road?




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  • As we discussed on the phone Nick, lots of decisions to make on how best to deploy RGP in a multiple gym environment.

    If two gyms are geographically isolated (i.e. there won't be many shared customers) - then the best solution, in my opinion, is the simplest one - which is to each run with separate MySQL databases.

    If gyms are close enough that there will be significant customer crossover, then it is time to consider the upcoming multigym features of RGP. But these features inevitably increase the complexity which is why I suggest they be reserved for situations where the benefits are sufficient.

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