Direct Debit Payments in the UK

I am in the process of setting up a bouldering centre in the uk and would like to use Direct Debit as a payment option for processing recurring payments, mainly as it is the cheapest solution that most people in the UK will opt for.

1) Does RGP support this?
2) If yes, how do I set it up and action billing,
3) If no, is it/can it be included in the future?

Thanks in advance



  • We dont have an integrated direct debit solution for the UK. We do have an integrated credit card solution with pretty good rates. You can setup a third party direct billing and track it in RGP if desired.

    Please see the UK Best Practices documents. It describes the various options.

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  • Hi Wilbur,

    When we opened, we used a 3rd party DD company, but once we got our head around RGP we switched everyone over to using stripe.

    If opening a new wall tomorrow, I'd use Stripe from Day 1.


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