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A helpful feature would be allowing punch card holders to be checked in as a guest (or not removing a punch).

Our cost for only bouldering is less than our full entry and we have punch card holders that come and only boulder sometimes. They prefer to pay cash for bouldering instead of using a full punch. At the moment we are not checking them in, but it is not tracking the actual use of our facility if we do not check them in.

Being able to check them in without removing a punch would solve this, or possibly having a boulder check in. Not sure what the best option in or what is easier ti implement.




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  • This would be great for us as well. We're playing with the idea of having a single punch (software limitation) for both the climbing gym and the Yoga studio. e.g. One can check in for a Yoga Class using a punch, if they want to climb as well they will have to use a separate punch. I would prefer to have an option to see "Yoga" or "Climb" assigned as a sub-category for the punches. Most gyms I think would have other options and using a "All Day Access" style punch does not lend itself to other offerings.

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