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Can the RGP booking handle the follow scenario and how would I go about implementing it:
1. There is a class that participants need the instructors approval to sign up for
2. The class is displayed online with a link to our form email page ( to submit their credentials to request the ability to sign up for the class. BUT the participants cannot sign up for the class from that discription.
Once the instructor has received the email and approved the participant the instructor would send a link to pay for the class.

Could I have a class that does not require payment at the time of booking but has a bunch of custom questions, then once the participant enrolls the instructor could look at the answers or contact the person and send them a link to a class we DO NOT display online that has the same time slot, etc as the one that is displayed online, but this class actually has the payment? Is there a better way?



  • Yes, your solution would work. You would just be using the "free class" as basically a signup form.

    Alternately you could just create a Google Form and put a link to that on your website or as part of the description for an offering (so that it can appear in the calendar) and use that to capture the information and have it emailed to the instructor automatically. For that offering you can disable the ability to book and just have a big link to your form in the description.

    After the instructor processes the form then ONLY those customers who receive the email will the REAL class link will actually be able to pay.

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  • Great, thanks!

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