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I have been getting this error message more frequently lately. It is when I open the billing window from Data Entry-- it says another person has the billing window open and NOT to proceed with any billing....etc--- However I am the only one at the gym, and I am the only person using RGP.

How/why is this happening?
Restarting our server does not fix the problem all the time, and restarting the server on a busy night sucks.




  • That window only appears when another person is in Data Entry *or* the lock is abandoned. And if the lock was abandoned, restarting the server clears the lock - by definition. Hence, it really really really makes me believe another computer somewhere-somehow *is* connected to Billing.

    Do you have any VPN connections or remote-desktop connections that people may use to connect to billing?

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  • I do, but that remote login is accessible by myself and my tech support.

    Weird one.

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