future product strategy

I would appreciate if you could explain to me the RGP product strategy for the next few years, specifically focusing on:

- Are there plans to launch a mobile app that interfaces with the RGP on-premises application? Will this be a custom app developed by RGP for a client or available as part of the RGP package?

- What are the plans of moving to a cloud-based software model? Is this being worked on or not a plan at the moment?

- How does RGP support consolidated reporting today? Will it provide enterprise reporting capabilities in the near future?



  • RGP already has a mobile dashboard that allows owners/managers to see the gym's activity on any mobile device in realtime. Mangers can review sales, check-ins, charts, etc. Overtime additional functionality will be added to this mobile portal including extending it to members and customers of the gym.

    At this stage we are not planning any moves to 100% web based. Why? Because overwhelmingly our customers have said they like RGP the way it is now, they just want more mobile functionality added. Because it is a native application, RGP is fast and reliable - all critical things needed for busy POS environments. Many of our customers cannot even get fast and reliable internet in the industrial locations they are located.

    It's a fact that a 100% web based solution will not perform as quickly - it's an inescapable fact. Just look at Quickbooks Online vs Quickbooks Desktop as an example. It is 5x faster to do things in QB Desktop vs QB Online.

    So, at this stage, we are planning to continue the hybrid approach - Desktop and Mobile functionality as appropriate to the task.

    As for reporting, RGP has extensive reporting built in, both for single locations and multi-gym locations.

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  • How does management/owner uses RGP to look sales data across all its facilities? I understand the reporting functionality from a single store perspective, but would appreciate more explanation how sales data (for example) is consolidated using RGP.

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  • Any location can view reports/charts for any other location (via selection box on the reports).
    The data is all "single store", but is accessible from all locations.

    The mobile dashboard combines the data into single, consolidate chart (at least for sales and checkin).

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  • If you would like to schedule a RGP software demo to review the multigym reporting within RGP, please send an email to me, Amy, at amy@rockgympro.com
    Thank you

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