Excludung certain forms from the waiver station

We'd like to start doing belay checks, boulder orientation, etc... as waivers. Is there a way to exclude those waivers from the waiver stations that the customer sees?



  • When you're in the waiver management window, under the Live tab, click the "copy ipad url" button and you can choose between displaying a specific form or a list of all forms.

    Whats your plan for implementing these checks as waivers? I'm intrigued.

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  • When you create a document type via Document management and then want to create a digital doc for belay or lead checks, RGP recommends not using Policy 1 or 2 to check upon acceptance.
    Why, because there is the climbing proficiency list. Your staff administers a test to check for proficiency and then makes a conscious act of selecting the correct proficiency policy, which is tracked via Customer history.
    Policy 1 or 2 (Data Entry->Manage->Settings) can be used for membership/orientation forms, or similar.
    If you want to exclude digital doc from your customers, then you would only select your digital waiver from the iPad/netbook URL option. If you currently only have one digital document under the Live tab, then you will not see a choice. If you have any further questions please email amy@rockgympro.com and I can send a screenshot, or schedule a RGP software demo.

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  • stpete - I have been meaning to get back you for a while. I don't think we are doing anything too earth shattering to make this happen. We have 3 certs we track: Facility/Boulder Orientation, Top Rope Belay, & Lead Belay. We've simply created "waivers" for each of these. We have not connected it to any policy's so the workflow is as follows:

    Assuming a customer has already signed a waiver...
    1. The customer requests a top rope belay check.
    2. staff tells them to grab their stuff and meet them at a particular rope.
    3. Staff grabs an iPad we have reserved for this activities and heads out to the climbing area to administer the test.
    4. At the successful conclusion of the test the staff goes to the bookmarked TR belay check form (technically a waiver) and starts the process.
    5. The customer fills out the form and signs it.
    6. Staff thanks the customer, congratulates them, and tells them to climb on...
    7. Staff returns to the front desk to attach the waiver to the customer's record and mark their record and belay certified.

    I hope this makes sense. If you see a problem please let me know ASAP. We are using it right now.

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