Credit card declines

Every month since we went live with RGP there have been several members who's cc decline monthly. When we run the same card through the POS it clears. I have tried updating the card, running the bill through the billing feature, then using the POS when the billing feature declines the card again. Is this an RGP problem or an Xcharge problem?



  • Hmmm, that is curious.

    Both POS and billing charges go through the exact same code to be charged. The only difference is billing transactions are tagged as "Card Not Present".

    Perhaps these cards have some restriction on them that doesn't allow that type of transaction?

    My suggestion: give XCharge a call and process a transaction while they are watching and see what they say.

    Also - what is the specific decline response?


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  • I have not been diligent in tracking the responses. Starting today.

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