Taking Deposits/Paying off parts of Account Ballances


I was wondering if there was a way to take a credit or a deposit on someones account without the customer being set up as an EFT. Also, if I wanted to finance a prepaid membership (have someone pay half now and half in 2 weeks), what would I do? I ended up selling it as two separate transactions and gave the customer fake billing info so I could invoice half of it to their account.

Also, when I tried invoicing the whole ammount in hopes of only charging half now and leaving the ballance to be paid later, RGP wanted me to take the whole payment and wouldn't let me only take half of the payment.

Are there any features that I am overlooking?




  • Unfortunately Josh, neither of those options are available yet. One of my goals was to "dummy proof" the accounting for staff members (i.e. so they couldn't screw up), but the downside is the options for things like you want are then limited or not available.

    A workaround to collect half now and half later.... invoice the customer for the first half, and then invoice the customer for the second half (two separate transactions) You can pay just one invoice when desired, and then the other later.

    99% of gyms do not want to "invoice" prepaid memberships, hence the reason why I traded simple accounting (internally and externally) for not having those features. Simpler internal accounting means less chance for bugs - and that is one of my major goals.

    I do plan to make a manual billing option that will allow you to invoice customers without a EFT information, but that is not available yet... hopefully by the end of 2010. I don't have any short-term plans to allow partial payments - as that greatly complicates the internal accounting.

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  • What we have been using for deposits and redeeming deposits is creating a "sale deposit" button($50.00)no tax in the products and a "redeem deposit" ($-50.00). This seems to work well.

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  • Andre - that's a good way to do it too!

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