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I have some members who are using the family or couples membership.
Once I set up the person (dad) who is getting billed, I am trying to set up his daughter as a member. With his daughter, under her member info, on the membership tab, membership payment options--I am clicking on EFT-bill responsible party.

In EFT Billing Details, I am setting dues to $0, and selecting the appropriate family dues amount from the drop down menu. I enter in the next bill date, and RGP gives me a warning that billed members must have dues assigned.

If I set a dues amount and put the next bill date as none, it gives me another warning of- Next bill date should not be empty or in the past for EFT members.

I guess my question is-- If I have two people wanting to use a family membership, how do I make the one without billing info a member without getting warnings??



  • Hello Joe,
    When you click on the bill responsible party, you then have to Click on the Blue Member Type up in the right hand corner and select the member to whom you would like to be the responsible party for the family add-on member.
    For the next part, members have to have a dues amount assigned to them. In RGP Data Entry-Settings- membership tab, under the EFT dues list Click Change list and click Add then add a Family membership dues amount for $0.01 click ok. Then make sure the check box is clicked for *Ignore $0.01 dues on family members*. When you run billing RGP will ignore the dues for $0.01 and just bill the amount you established with the Responsible Party of the family membership, based on his dues amount.
    You will also need to select a bill date for *all family members*. This should prevent the warnings and allow you to bill the family members.
    Let me know if you need more information.

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  • The method Amy describes works if you want to have all the dues on the primary member, but that is not a requirement.

    You can distribute dues across all family members ($50 parent, $40 spouse, $10 each child, etc.). During billing, RGP will combine the dues any the responsible party only sees one charge.

    This method is preferable if you do alot of indivudal customer freezes, since RGP can deduct the dues for the specific member and replace it with the freeze fee.

    Either method works.

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