Integrating RGP with MailChimp email marketing


Would it be possible to integrate the RGP database with MailChimp? It would be great to be able to use their supercomplete email product with the data I have in RGP.

Link on MailChimp's API




  • I will be adding email marketing options to RGP this year.

    Managing your list currently should be very easy. Before a mailing, just do an RGP customer query for email addresses of ALL your customers. Import that list into mail chimp. Duplicates will be ignored by mailchimp.

    Periodically export your bounces from mailchimp and go to Data Entry -> Maintenance -> Remove Email addresses to remove the bounced email addresses.

    I plan to add some very cool email features to RGP. Specifically, you can setup triggers on events that will automatically send an email to specific customers. Examples of triggers:

    * First time customer
    * Purchased a specific product
    * Past due balance
    * Terminated their membership
    * Credit card expiring

    The list of possibilities are endless. For example, you could send a survey to first time customers. A thank you to new members.

    I'm really psyched about this feature - I just need to find the time to do it!!!!

    ps. I also have some integrated Facebook marketing features I want to add.....

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  • Hey!

    Mailchimp is now offering $ to pay programmers to integrate their API.

    Although I appreciate you wanting to add email functionality, there is no way you could get it as good as these guys without making it your full time job. In the same way as you integrate with accounting software instead of writing in functionality, i humbly suggest you do the same with email. The click tracking/ googleanalytics/ social media tracking/ hot spot tracking/ A vs. B testing/ timed delivery etc etc. in MailChimp make it very complete.


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  • Kenneth,

    I never intended to replicate a full newsletter/mail service. My plan was to integrate "tactical" emailing that those services can't provide.

    Tactical emailing are trigger based emails based on certain events... examples:

    * Send email to customers XX days after purchasing a specific product
    * Send email XX days after a new customer visit
    * Send email when a customer terminates.


    You would still use MailChimp for newsletters. And since that will remain the case, I'm not sure integration adds much value. Currently all you should have to do is dump your email list into MailChimp periodically, and then occasionally remove bounces from your RGP database.

    Is that not the case?

    Thanks for the feedback

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  • It is the case, integration would just make the info go both ways. Thanks.

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  • How is the email stuff coming? Manually dumping data over to MailChimp is getting old.

    MailChimp now has a pretty good 'tactical email' functionality that I am able to use based on data that is present at time of address import. (Email xxx days after first visit, last visit, member type, etc.) Once the clients info has been sent to MailChimp though, there is no more easy updating of info. Reconsider?


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  • Expect transactional email by the end of September.

    I am not planning automated syncing to Mailchimp or CC in the near future (probably next year instead) since it it pretty easy just to export email addresses to the service and occasionally import bounces.

    Once all transactional email is switched over to RGP, you only need to deal with email addresses going back/forth.

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  • Andy,

    I work with Sarah and Gorden here at Vertex. We also use mailchimp and I was wondering how could we easily create and export an email list of members only.


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  • Ho Joao,

    Data Entry -> Reporting -> Customer Queries.

    Set the constraints as you'd like (customer type member, status OK)... export email list.

    Then load the file into mailchimp.

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