Terminology: Memberships

Trying to get my head around the concepts and terminology. Hope I'm not being dim here:-

In our centre, you "Register" to become a "Member" (there is a nominal registration fee)
Once a "Member", you are entitled to slightly cheaper climbing rates and there is no expiry (lifetime membership).
A Guest is not someone on our system (ie, a member might bring an unregistered friend to climb)

Then you can buy a Climbing Pass (eg, 1 month, 3 months, 1 yr) which gives you unlimited climbing for that time (there are other options but I'm keeping this simple to illustrate). Or just purchase a 1 day/session climb now.

In RGP, it seems that a "Membership" is equivalent to a Climbing Pass - eg you prepay a 3 month "Membership", and someone who is registered on the system but who doesn't have a prepaid Membership is simply a "Guest".

Ie our old Registered Member (without a prepaid climbing pass) -> Guest in RGP
Registered Member with Climbing Pass -> Member in RGP
Unregistered Guest -> Anonymous?

Is this correct?

So casual climbers who are our old registered members and who pay as you go are simply Guests who purchase a one session climb pass in RGP?




  • Yes, correct.

    Most UK gyms create a "Custom Policy 1" called Registered. And that gets checked when the guest pays the registration fee.

    You can also set that policy to ALERT if not checked, thus alerting your staff to collect a higher rate for the day pass for "unregistered" guests.

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  • Cool, thanks for that Andy and for the tips..

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