Correct incorrect time zone and DST

I run RGP in a Windows 2012 R2 virtual machine. The virtual machine showed the correct time before last weekend's change to daylight savings time, and it still shows the correct time now. However, it did not have the "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings Time" check box checked. Consequently, while it shows the right time it's actually using UTC-8 whereas the rest of the network is using UTC-7. The MySQL server lives elsewhere on the network, so it's running at UTC-7. This situation breaks the calendar. I'd planned to fix this overnight, but staff tell me the calendar is critical, so I have to fix it today during business hours.

If I start to check the "Automatically adjust...", it tells me the new time will be an hour later, so the display clock will be wrong.

I gather it picked up the correct display time from the host machine somehow, though that's a bit of a mystery to me. I'm considering marking the "Automatically adjust" check-box and immediately rebooting, but I'm not sure of the implications under the covers.

Any advice on how I should proceed?



  • I am not sure the specifics of your configuration, but this is what is required:

    1 - Your MySQL server and all workstations must be set to the same time and timezone, properly adjusted for daylight savings time. They all must be set identically.
    2 - Your MySQL server and all workstations must have the CORRECT time and timezone, properly adjusted for daylight savings time.

    RGP checks each machine UTC time vs our data center server(s) to validate item #2

    If you change the time/timezone on your MySQL server, be aware the service must be restarted for MySQL to acknowledge the change.

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks, Andy.

    I spoke incorrectly earlier. The MySQL server resides within the Windows 2012 R2 machine, along with RGP. So they're both using the correct local time (e.g. the time displayed in the task bar is correct), but they're both using UTC-8 instead of UTC-7. If I correct that for the operating system as a whole and reboot (including restarting MySQL), am I going to break anything? I would think not, since you're using UTC internally, but I don't want to mess up staff clock-in/clock-out times or the like. Do you anticipate any problems here?

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  • UTC is only used internally for the calendar, all else is local in the database. So yes, some times will be effected. But you need to have the correct time regardless so you must adjust and reboot.

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