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It would be nice to be able to disable the "possible first name in last name field" warning when adding a new customer. It happens enough to be very annoying



  • Most gyms appreciate this warning because transposed names are a disaster!

    My guess is you have lots of transcribed names in your database from the import, thus you are getting the warning more frequently. The way the warning works is it simply sees if the lastname name matches any existing firstname in your database.

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  • I hate having the warning removed, because the reality is your staff WILL transpose names.

    One thought - provide a setting that allows you to make it less "sensitive". For instance, only warn if the entered name exists in the firstname column at least XX times. With thousands of customers in the database, if you set this to something like 10-20 it will really only warn on more typical firstnames.

    ps. Once again, digital waiver stations solve this! :)

    EDITED - I just added the sensitivity option to the next update, it was easy.

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