Punch Card Expiration problem


Sometimes when I go to enter punchcards (electronic scan) and try to put an expiration date for the number of visits, RGP wont post the actual end date. It just leaves it blank. Will the visits still expire if the expiration date doesn't show? In settings I set the Punch Cards to expire in 6 months. Am I just doing something wrong?




  • Josh -

    Is your computer set in a different region (date/time) than the U.S. by chance? I just tried on a U.S. installation and it worked fine, but I was surprised to see that on a Finnish installation the expiration dates didn't stick.

    Definitely a bug, but it appears to be related to non U.S. issues.

    Please advise.


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  • Looks like this is a bug in some fashion. I can reproduce it inconsistently.... surprised nobody found this before!

    I'll research it right now.

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  • HA! How funny! I just looked at the code and discovered that I am purposely REMOVING the expiration date on punch adjustments less than five.

    I suspect this is left over from when the software was running exclusively in my gym and I never wanted an expiration date to be accidentally assigned on a small adjustment.

    Needless to say this is entirely inappropriate for other gyms :)

    It will be fixed in the next update (for all positive punch adjustments, as it doesn't make sense to have an expiration date on a negative one).

    Sorry about that!

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  • Fixed.

    If you want, you can download an update that includes this fix (along with some other fixes) from

    Data Entry -> Manage -> About -> Update -> Special Build -> 19306

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