Credit card processing

How does Rock Gym Pro integrate with X-Charge for credit card processing?

- Is the credit card terminal part of the POS terminal or connected via USB?
- Does X-Charge processing software runs on Rock Gym Pro POS as an independent application?
- Is credit card data encrypted and tokenized at swipe or the information is stored in X-Charge program or in RGP?
- If a merchant uses X-Charge, what Self-Assessment Questionnaire is required to complete in order to fully comply with PCI standards?
- Is there plan for RGP to rollout integration with new EMV-compliant credit card processing devices?



  • RGP integrates with OpenEdge's XWEB platform, not their XCharge service.

    * Terminals connect to the computer via USB
    * No XCharge software is required to be installed
    * All transactions happen directly on OpenEdge's web servers via embedded web forms within the RGP software. RGP never touches any card holder data. In the case of stored credit cards for billing, XWeb returns a token that is stored within RGP.
    * To my knowledge the self-assessment questionnaire is still required since there are many, many aspects of PCI compliance beyond just a merchants POS system. The questionnaire addresses all aspects of their operation.

    RGP has already integrated with OpenEdge's EMV service. Details here:

    Hope this helps

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  • Thank for the response, Andy.

    Does XCharge software installed on the POS terminals encrypt credit card data on swipe? In what form is the credit card data sent to OpenEdge's web servers for processing?

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  • As my post indicated, XCharge software is not required. RGP opens an embedded web browser pointed to OpenEdge.

    The card reader sends the swipe data to a web browser as any other keystrokes (some card readers are encrypted, but then the driver for it ultimately still sends keystrokes to the web form). The web browser is open to an HTTPS page at OpenEdge, so it is encrypted like any other SSL connection.

    Thus the security is identical to any web form capturing sensitive credit card information via an SSL connection.

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