Processing online waiver with out checking that person in

Is it possible to process a online waiver into RGP without it automatically checking that person in?

As of right now it does check that person in. Could you implement the button to give the option to check this person in or not?

We are getting a lot of waivers for birthday parties and lock-ins that we would like to process and get into RGP but when we do that prior to the day of the event it automatically checks that person in.




  • Hello Luis,
    RGP recommends accepting the waiver when the person is in front of you, for various legal reason.
    If you feel comfortable checking in people ahead of time you can uncheck the auto Create NEW checkins for new customers box in: Data Entry-settings-manage-customer tab -under Check In
    What is the name of your facility?
    Thank you,

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  • Amy,
    Thanks, I'll check that out tomorrow. My name is Luis Jauregui and my gym is the Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville, NC.

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