waiver scanning work flow ?

We just got our Fujitsu scanner. Besides some confusion with the managers thinking it was going to do full handwriting OCR with zero data entry required it works good. However, it seems a like there should be an "add customer" functionality ( like exists in the POS module ) to allow for adding a new customer on the fly while classifying. I'd like to be able to scan a waiver for a customer that hasn't been entered into the database yet and be able to see the waiver in the classify screen, search for the customer and on finding no existing customer, click an "add new" button and add a new customer right then and there.

If that's a lot of work to implement what work flow can you suggest so that any scanned waiver will already have a customer record in the database?



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  • I actually recommend a different work-flow, and it seems to work well for all gyms:

    Your staff should immediately add the customer NAMES from the waivers when the customers are atthe front desk, but just the name. This gives your staff an opportunity to correct any mispellings or difficult to read handwriting in the name. It only takes a second, and it is nice to be able to confirm the name.

    This also allows the customers to be in RGP so they can be sold somethinhg at POS (or membership attached). Then the waivers go into a "to be completed" stack, where the additional information is later transcribed. Then the waivers go into the "to be scanned" stack.

    Now - this all being said - the digital waiver stations change everything for the better. Customers are automatically added to the database, there information transferred, and the digital document attached with just a few keystrokes from your staff. September release!

    Hope this helps

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