Designing Your Digital Waiver in Rock Gym Pro

The following is a list of design tips, tricks, and best practices for when you are working with your waiver document design in the Step 4: Edit Document tab in the Waiver Management window. You get here by going to Data Entry > Manage > Waiver Management/Stations > Edit.


Note that the waiver editor uses HTML to display the waiver within a web browser at the waiver station or online. Therefore, there are limitations to how complex you can make the layout of your waiver. Remember, simple is always better.



  • Use the starter waiver template as much as possible, modifying the following sections with your text: header, info table, waiver text, and signature area.
  • Avoid adding complex tables and layouts.
  • In the info table, use the form field markup language described below.
  • Use SHIFT-ENTER for line breaks and ENTER for paragraph breaks.
  • Too many spots for initials will slow down the signing process, as customers will have to click-and-sign each one. Ask your legal counsel to trim down the number of initials for your waiver.
  • If your PDF is flowing over into an extra page, try the following tips to tighten up the document:
    • Smaller Font: For your legal text, choose a 7 or 8 point font.
    • Tighter Line Spacing: Select your legal text. Right-mouse click and choose Paragraph. Choose line spacing EXACTLY equal to the point size of the font you selected. This will use tighter line spacing for your legal text.


The form fields (questions you ask on your form) are available within your waiver document and take the form of {{FIELDNAME}}. A list of all your available form fields is available by clicking the INSERT FIELD button in the lower-left corner. A check box next to the form field is a convenient reminder that you have included that field within the document. There are additional built-in form fields as follows:

  • {{date}}: Display today’s date.
  • {{barcode}}: Display the unique document barcode. If you do not include a {{barcode}} field in your document, RGP will automatically add one to the end of the document.
  • {{docnumber}}: This is the unique document number for this waiver. It is always available in the footer of the document, but this field allows you to display it on the document directly. Your staff can enter this document number when looking up a document if they do not want to look it up by the last name.
  • There are also special form fields to represent signatures. See below for more information.


Since all waivers typically have a customer information block, Rock Gym Pro offers a convenient way to quickly layout a table containing the customer information within a waiver. It is highly recommended you use the Info Table Markup rather than trying to create a custom table with the customer information. You will get frustrated trying to layout the table yourself!


Here’s an example of the Info Table Markup. It begins with STARTTABLE and ends with ENDTABLE. Each line represents a single line in the information block. The items in brackets are the field labels and can be anything you want. Between the field labels is the text that will be displayed within that specific box, and typically it will be a form field as shown below



[Last Name] {{lastname}} [First Name] {{firstname}}

[Address] {{address1}}

[City] {{city}} [State] {{state}} [Postal] {{postalcode}}

[Home Phone] {{homephone}} [Work Phone] {{workphone}} [Cell Phone] {{cellphone}}

[Email Address] {{email}} [Can we email] {{mailme}}

[Emergency Contact] {{emergencycontact}} [Emergency Phone] {{emergencyphone}}



Typically, waivers contain information pertaining to minors. You can include or exclude this text based on the age of the participant using age conditionals. The example below displays a signature section for the participant if they are 18 years or older (the first FORAGE block), while displaying a parent section for participants under 18 years of age.



This text will be displayed for participants between the age of 18 and 200.

Typically you would have the participant signature here.



This text will be displayed for participants between the age of 0 and 17.

Typically the Parent / Guardian "warning" goes here along with the parent's

signature box.



You can layout signature and initial boxes on your waiver document. All signatures and initial boxes are required for the customer to complete the waiver. Use the age exclusion markup described above to only include the signatures required for a particular participant. Here is the markup for requesting a signature or initials:

  • {{signature}}: Request a full signature
  • {{initials}}: Request initials


An optional label can be displayed on the signature pad for each signature or initial line. Typically this is used to indicate either a PARTICIPANT or PARENT signature. To assign a label to a signature or initial box, add ///LABEL/// after the signature or initials placement. There is limited space on the signature pad, so the label must be kept short! Examples:

  • {{signature}}///Participant///
  • {{initials}}///Parent-Guardian///


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