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NOTE: A Paid PREMIUM Plan is required for this feature

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With the Online Membership Change Request Form feature, your customers now have the ability to request changes to their membership account directly from your website; changes like, updating contact and payment information freezing and un-freezing an account, and canceling a membership. We hope this feature will not only save your members and staff time but will ensure accuracy when a membership change is requested.

Here are some example deployments of the change form embedded into websites:


Please Read:
The primary consideration when developing this feature was to encourage accuracy when your staff transfers membership change information. While it is certainly more efficient than current manual processes, it still takes a fair number of clicks to fully process a change request. This was done purposely for two reasons: (1) it slows down the staff and forces them to make deliberate changes, minimizing mistakes (2) it provides flexibility in processing the request to accommodate unique customer issues and workflows.



Setting Up The Change Request Feature in RGP

From Data Entry:

1)  Click on Manage –> Member Change Form Configuration




2) Customize the form that will appear on your website.

You can customize items such as:

  • The background color of the form, text and links
  • Member number field
  • Your facility name
  • Request types (Freezes, cancellations, contact information and billing information*)
  • Required member phone number
  • Freeze/Terminate cut-off date and time
  • Various freeze options and conditions
  • Cancel reasons
  • General email settings


*IMPORTANT: Before you can allow Billing Changes on the form you’ll need to ensure that there is a secure connection on your webpage by enabling HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). All communication to RGP and your payment gateway is secure, however, an HTTPS connection is required to avoid incorrect warning messages from the browser.  Learn more about HTTPS .  The other change requests (member termination, freeze, thaws, etc.) do NOT require HTTPS and you can deploy the form with those and then add billing changes when  you configure the HTTPS for your server.


3) Once you’ve configured the form, click on the Form Preview tab to preview your changes.



From this preview tab, you can make further text changes directly to the form wherever you see the green customizable text indicator as shown below.



4) Click on the Publish tab and then select Publish Changes



5) Once you’ve Published the form, click on the Live Form tab.



At the bottom of the page click on the checkbox to agree to the Anti-Phishing stipulations. (See below for an explanation of Anti-Phishing)



You’ll then see a snippet of HTML code at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste this code into your website (or pass along to your web developer).



A live example of how the form will appear on your website can be found here:

Once your customer submits a Membership Change Request, the information they provide on the form will immediately get sent to Rock Gym Pro. It’s important to note that this is only a REQUEST and your staff will need to ACCEPT the requested changes in RGP.



How To Accept Requested Changes in RGP

Staff members will know that a customer has requested a change when a peach-colored banner is displayed in Data Entry.



You can also view pending changes at anytime by going to Data Entry –> View –> Member Change Requests

1) When you click on the pending member change request(s) link, the Membership Change Sidebar will appear on the right of the screen.



2) Select a member that requested the changes.




All members that match that name in Rock Gym Pro will appear on the main screen. If there are multiple members with that same name in your database, you can refine the search by clicking on the member’s birthdate or email address in the right sidebar.

All blue links on the Member Change Request sidebar can be clicked and it will auto-search for that data in Data Entry.




3) Select the correct member from the Data Entry screen and then start transferring the requested changes into your database, referencing the Change Requests from the right sidebar. In the example below, the member:

  • Made a comment on the form
  • Requested a Freeze on their membership
  • Requested a Payment Method Change
  • Requested a Contact Information Change



– For status changes (freeze, thaw or termination) staff will make the changes as they normally would within Rock Gym Pro, referencing the change request information from the right sidebar.

– For Billing and Contact Info changes, staff will click on the Send to customer buttons within the Change Request sidebar.


IMPORTANT: After each change request has been made from the right sidebar, your staff needs to check the box (as seen below) to indicate the change has been acknowledged and action has been taken.




4) Once all of the requested changes have been made, click on the Send Email and Attach Documents button, and then click OK.



5) This will show you the email to be sent to the member. If you need to include additional text, you can add that directly to this screen.



6) Click the Send button and your email confirmation will be sent.
7) Click on the checkbox to verify the step has been completed and then click Mark As Completed on the right sidebar.



8) Now when you click on the Documents tab in Data Entry, you can see the documented changes that have just been made. This document is also available in the customer record under the email tab, if you have the email system enabled.



That’s it! See below for additional details related to this new feature.



Option in Settings to Collect Past Due Balances

An important option is available in Settings. With any credit card change, RGP will prompt the staff (one time!) when closing the customer record to charge any past due balance on file. This option was added because a common CURRENT workflow at some gyms is to charge the new card at POS, and then enter the card into the customer’s record. Since the staff does not have access to the card number when a change request is submitted, they do not have the ability to charge the past due balance at POS. Enabling this option in Settings allows the staff to charge the past due balance as part of changing the credit card.





Decline / Expiring Credit Card Emails

Once you’ve enabled the Billing Change feature, updating your decline and expiring credit card emails in the RGP transactional email system will allow customers to update their credit card themselves in response to the email.



Anti-Phishing Emails

IMPORTANTPhishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by people pretending to be someone they’re not. Because this type of threat is becoming more common with email communication, it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to avoid your emails being labeled as a security risk or “phishing email”.

Here’s a good summary of How to Send Customer Emails That Don’t Look Like Phishing


How To Send Proper Emails:

When you’re sending emails to customers regarding the Online Membership Request Form, rather than embed actual links within your emails, you should use language like, “Visit our Website and click the My Account link” (or something similar). This is especially important if your change form allows the entry of payment/billing details.

Below is an example of an email that uses an image to direct customers to a website and does not include links.  You can add a similar image to your emails through the RGP transactional email system.



If you have any questions about the Online Membership Change Request feature please Contact Us.




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