Customer Activity Analysis Reports

The Customer Activity Analysis Reports allows you to produce reports that display purchase or check-in history for a specific set of customers.

The report require three types inputs:

STEP 1 Customer Source List : This is the list of customers to analyze. It can come from the list of customers displayed in Data Entry, a customer query (saved as a Custom Report), tagged customers, or via a short cut with just customers that match the constraints in STEP 2

STEP 2 Activity Dates : For the customers defined in STEP 1, these are the dates that should be reported for the customer. For example… the date the customer became a member. Or the date the customer purchased a specific product. You can also define a fixed end date.

STEP 3 Configure and Generate the Report : Select the report type (totaled or itemized). You can also filter on specific revenue accounts or products as well as add additional info to the output such as email address, etc.

Some examples of how it might be used

Show all retail products purchased by current members last year

Data Entry -> View -> List All Members
Data Entry -> Reports -> Customer Activity Analysis
Step 1 : Data entry customer list
Step 2 : Specific start date of 1/1/2014, end date of 12/31/2014
Step 3 : Filter on your retail revenue accounts and select itemized purchases

Generate CSV and then open the CSV in Excel

Did customers that purchased a group-on convert to members?

Data Entry -> Reports -> Custer Activity Analysis
Step 1 : Customers matching activity dates on Step 2
Step 2 : Purchased group-on product last year
Step 3 : Filter on your membership revenue account and select itemized purchases

Generate CSV and then open the CSV in Excel

You can then see what membership products, if any, each customer who purchased a group-on bought. From the membership products purchased you can analyze your conversion rate of the group-on to membership.



  • Really loving the new reporting features. Customer retention analysis was exactly what I was looking for. Also very excited about the new customer activity analysis.

    Only thing still missing for me is a quick breakdown of check-ins. ideally I'd like to be able to look at my daily check-in totals and know which ones are individuals and which ones are groups. We've not been using the group check-in feature because it would distort our visit figures.

    If I could breakdown the check-ins into prepaid, billed, punchcard and guest that would be even better so that I can work out what value our customers are getting from each payment plan type (and therefore how much discount we're giving over the day pass price). I know that I can get all this information in other ways (ie run a report for quantity sold of day passes or filter using customer activity and then look at check-ins), but it would be nice to see this all at one click.

    Anyone else want this feature?

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  • By "groups", what do you mean? Customers aren't specifically tagged as being members of "groups"?

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  • For us, groups are youth groups or people who book onto our climbing courses and taster sessions. Basically anyone who is supervised by us as opposed to individual climbers (and their guests)

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  • Audrey,

    One way to separate your check-ins for courses from your main check-ins is to subtract calendar participant counts. Meaning: when you use the RGP calendar, the reports/summary button (top right) tells you how many participants you have for specific courses/dates. You can use this count for all sorts of info, or subtract it from your check-in count to get your member/guest check-in count.

    It seems counter productive and risky to not check someone in when they visit because they "distort" your check-ins. If you don't check someone in, you reduce the ability to see any check-in warnings about the customer, it is difficult or impossible to see when a person visited your facility, and you don't actually get a count of how many people visit your facility.

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