Feature suggestion for mailings

A feature you might consider is a check box next to the address fields in the customers file to exclude them from mailings. This way we can have their address and/or email on file to contact them if need be, but they won't get mailings if they don't want to receive them.



  • Place some special characters in the address/email field and exclude that from your mailings. Example instead of 123 Main St make it xxx123 Main St.

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  • Better yet, use a custom policy to represent "Exclude from Mailing". And just filter on that when you export the list.

    My theory has always been the following:

    * Few, if any, gyms send physical mailings anymore.
    * For email addresses, just remove or don't enter the email addresses.

    I've always felt those "Exclude From Mailing" checkboxes get ignored and customers get email anyways, hence I felt people should remove the email addresses.

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