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Hi, I am trying to find a way to create corporate season passes for companies who purchases passes to invite their staff, athletes, guess or clients.. 

Here is an example,
We sell 2 Corpo passes to Oakley, so all the Oakley staff can use the same 2 passes.  In our past POS system, wa had the option to create companies instead of people, we gave them 2 plastic scan cards with their logo on it instead of customer's photo. When an Oakley guess came with the card and scanned it, the POS system asked who we want this check-in to be attached to. So the Oakley card gets a "punch" (although it has unlimited punches, it helps us keep track of how many Oakley guest came in) but they don't get a check-in, instead, the guest gets a check-in.

I did see in RGP that we can create Entity or Corporate type customers but then I don't know what to do with those account.

For now we use a very slow and inefficient way to do it, we have a note in the corporate account, when a guest comes in with the corpo pass, an alert pops, then we delete that check-in and recreate one towards the new guest. But this method has way too many ways to create mistakes or frauds.



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  • Hi Daniel,

    You can create corporate customer records in RGP much the same way you would create customer records for people. We recommend using the business name as the customer last name, and using * as a place holder for customer first name, but any number of naming conventions can work as long as your staff can search for these customers easily.

    The entity and corporate member types in RGP are geared towards making integrated billing for memberships easier. You can assign dues to the corporation and they populate to all associated customers. It doesn't sounds like that's what you're looking to do here, so I would not use those features.

    Most gyms that offer this kind of service use a punch card for the corporation. You can set the corporate customer record up as a punch card, and assign them an arbitrarily large number of punches (500?) to make sure they don't run out. If your gym has casual sharing of punches enabled in RGP's settings, you can just share a punch from the corporate card to the customer whenever they come in. That way you can track both who used the punch and that it belonged to the corporate card. If you do not have casual sharing of punches enabled, you can attach customer records for corporate employees to the corporate punch card so that any time they check in a punch is debited from that card. That process takes more time, and it would require you to link and unlink corporate employees from the punch card as they became eligible or ineligible to use it, but it will definitely work.

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