Membership Expired, Using Punch Instead

Hey Andy,

Any way to get this implemented?

Let's say John Smith bought a Semester Membership last year, and it expired 12/31/2016. He later bought a 10-Punch Card, and every time he checks in we get the Alert that his membership expired.

We like to leave expired members as members, rather than guests or punch card users, so that our Desk Staff know to ask "hey, any chance you want to start your membership back up?"

Any chance that Check-In could default to using punches if a membership is expired?



  • This is an idea that, IMO, sounds good but will create a host of other issues.

    An example is a customer with a recently expired members and some punches. They come in and swipe.... and a punch is debited. Did they know a punch was debited or did they assume their membership was still active? It didn't alert, so perhaps they and the staff didn't realize a punch was debited. But did the customer want a punch debited, or were they going to renew their membership?

    I feel pretty strongly that the act of switching from a membership check-in to a punch check-in as the primary action should a conscious choice by the customer. Other wise the customer has no idea what happened.

    Now, perhaps the software could display a message.... but it needs to not require staff interaction and thus would easily be missed.

    My two cents :)

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  • Thanks for the thoughtful response Andy.

    I got the idea from the message "Frozen - using punch instead" that displays when a frozen member attempts to check in while they have punches on their account.

    The most common relevant scenario for us is that a customer purchases a 3-day pass from Groupon, then decides to sign up for membership after their first day. Later on their membership expires, but they remember they still have Groupon passes.

    When checking in, they ask a staff member "my membership expired, but I think I still have some Groupon punches," and we ask them to scan in.

    I bet other gyms don't have as much interaction with their customers as they come in, that's something that sets us apart for sure. That said, if you'd be willing to implement this as an option, we'd definitely use it.

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  • it's simple. to buy a reward/loyalty software and install it on your computer.then make some membership card/loyalty card with either a magnetic stripe or barcode or even an RFID chips in it. write your customer's personal details into the card/chip, then every time when your customer swipe his card, you see his account information, knows how much money he left and what he consumes etc. when his membership is expired,you will see alert on the computer, then your staff can ask them to renew the membership. this won't cost you much money. if you need to do some membership card or some help on where to buy loyalty software,I can give you some suggestion. or you can check our website for help.

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  • in fact, most gym has established customer database for their customers. and can be divided to guest,vip members and super vip etc. you need to install loyalty system on your computer,issue all your customers a membership card or loyalty card or vip card ,i suggest do some pvc membership card,it's cheap,1000 card only $50 if you buy from China ,plus the shipping cost ,total amount around $120. much cheaper than buying from local suppliers.the quality is superb too. I suggest CushyPrinting,their webiste is professional plastic card and key tag printing company.

    when a client come to your gym,no matter he is a guest or a member,restore his personal information on your system. each time he comes,swipe his membership card or guest card.then you know when his membership is expired,ask you sales remind him to renew his membership before it is expired. it can promote your business sales to a higher end.

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