Struggling for speed, especially with calendar

Hi, we are finding that RGP calendar is running relatively slowly, especially when changing selection of products in the calendar windows or using manage schedule. The question is where is the bottleneck in the system - is this typically the server, local PC, network or broadband? We have a dedicated HP DL360 G5 server with dual Xeon 5160 CPU - but looks like one of the core's tends to max out. Local PCs are fine for everything else. Else could be our broadband. But I dont really know where the issue is. Anyone have any ideas, would really appreciate it. Thanks!



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  • Hi -

    Sorry you are having performance issues....

    Here are my thoughts...

    * Building the calendar can be very intensive... it is proportional to the # of events. The more events, the slower it takes
    * The typical bottleneck is the volume of SQL statements between your local computer and your MySQL server. And if you are not using a cabled connection (i.e. using wifi to your server), that can become a bottleneck.
    * I don't think it is your broadband connection
    * Alternately if could be your disk I/O on the server?

    When you say it is slow... EXACTLY where is it slow? Building the calendar?

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