Processing Online Membership Purchases

When someone purchases an online membership, the transaction will show up on your end in one of two ways:  It will either come in as an Online Transaction first or it could come straight through as a pending Member Change Request (if you have online auto-assignment enabled in Data Entry > Manage > Settings > Misc tab).  

Online Transaction

  1. If the purchase shows up in Online Transactions first, follow the steps in this article to assign the Online Transaction.
  2. Once the Online Transaction has been assigned, the transaction will show up in the Member Change Requests.

Member Change Requests

  1. Open up the Member Change Requests by clicking on the peach highlighted link that says there are a number of "pending member change request(s)" (1) from your Data Entry screen.  You can also view pending changes at any time by going to Data Entry > View > Member Change RequestsWhen you click on the pending member change request(s) link, the Membership Change Sidebar will appear on the right of the screen.  Click on the transaction (2).  For the purposes of this illustration, we will work on the transaction from our customer Nicole Johnson who has purchased an EFT Individual membership.

  2. Click on the customer's name under the Customer List (1), which will perform a search in your database for that customer's name.  If there are multiple customers with that same name in your database, you can refine the search by clicking on the customer's birthdate or email address in the right sidebar. Double-click on the correct customer's name in the customer list (2) which will open up their View and Edit Customer window.

  3. With the View and Edit Customer window open, set the customer up as a member.  In this case, Nicole Johnson signed up for an Individual Monthly Membership (as seen in the Membership Change Sidebar).  Since Nicole is in our system currently as a guest, we can use the Quick Configure button (1) to set Nicole up as an EFT member by selecting Monthly EFT (2).  

    Quick Configure for Monthly EFT changes the customer type to Member in the Membership section on the General tab, selects "EFT - Use payment method on EFT tab" in the Membership Payment Options section on the Membership tab, and sets the Next Bill Date to the next billing date (in this case, March 1st).  If the customer is not a guest, then those two changes will need to be made.  Change the customer type to member by clicking on the green "Change Customer Type" button and selecting Member.  Then in the Membership tab, select "EFT - Use payment method on EFT tab" and then choose the appropriate next bill date in the EFT Billing Details section.
  4. With the Membership tab open, select the appropriate dues from the drop-down menu (1).  The Membership Change Sidebar has checkboxes to make sure that the membership gets set up as the customer signed up online.  Double-check the dues are the appropriate amount as indicated in the Membership Change Sidebar, then check the box indicating that you have set up the monthly dues for the appropriate amount (2).  At this time, you would also change the member start date (if it differs from the current date).  Once all of those changes have been made, check the "Membership Start Date" checkbox and the "Changes Applied" checkbox.

  5. Click on the orange "PAYMENT CHANGES - Send to Customer" button (1). A window will pop up for you to confirm the customer match.  Under the Member column, click in the black circle (2) which will make a green checkmark appear.

  6. A window will pop up for you to select the information to update. You can view it in the green highlighted area and then click OK.

  7. You can now see that the member's credit card has been added on the EFT/Billing tab.  In the Membership Change Sidebar, click on "Change Processed" (1).  Now that all checkmarks have been completed, the "Mark As Completed" green button will pop up.  You can click on it (2), then click Close to finish (3).


At this point, the member's account has been set up.  Your facility can choose how or if you follow up with the member from here depending on whatever steps you would take if the member had signed up for a membership at your facility (key tag, membership folder, etc.).  During the Online Membership Transaction, the member also filled out whatever terms and conditions you may have required.  That information is saved to their Customer Documents as seen below.

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