Scheduling an automatic report email

If you have a report you run frequently you can set the system to run the report automatically and send it via email to yourself or anyone else who needs it.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Reporting and then select General Reports to open the Reporting window.
  2. Under the Standard Reports choose the report you wish to automatically run.
  3. Click the Schedule Automatic Report Email button to open the Modify Auto Report Email Settings window.
  4. Modify the subject name if applicable.
  5. Choose your send schedule from the following options:
  • Daily for the previous day
  • Weekly for the previous week
  • Every two weeks for the previous two weeks
  • Monthly for the previous month
  • Quarterly for the previous three months
  • Select the start day if applicable.
  • Enter the email addresses you wish to send the report to.
  • Under Report Parameters choose any account filters or options that are applicable to your specific report.
  • Under Report Preview click View Report to see what the report would be if sent today. Click Send Report Email to send immediately. 
  • Click OK to save. Reports will be sent in the morning as part of the daily maintenance processing that occurs when Rock Gym Pro is first launched.



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