RGPro Connect Mobile App Overview

The RGPro Connect mobile app is available for your customers to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. This customer-facing app allows users to:

1) View your class availability in real-time and book those classes from their Online Account or stored credit card.

2. Check-in with a digital barcode (instead of a key tag) directly from their mobile device.
What You Need To Set It Up
In order for you and your members to use the RGPro Connect mobile app, you’ll need:
  1. Premium Paid Plan (formerly Level 3)
  2. Rock Gym Pro Database Replication enabled and up to date (From Data Entry go to Manage –> Maintenance –> Database Replication)
  3. Barcode Reader for the barcode scanning. An omnidirectional barcode scanner is required. We recommend Honeywell Genesis MS7580 Bar Code Reader.
  4. Options in RGP Configured (see below)
How To Configure Mobile App Settings Within RGP
To get things set up properly in RGP, from Data Entry, go to:

Manage –> RGPro Connect Mobile App –> Configuration

You will be taken to the RGPro Connect Configuration page. Follow the set up instructions and...




…after filling out the fields, click on the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.




You can toggle back and forth between the App Settings tab and the App Preview tab at the top of the page to view how the app will appear on a customer’s mobile phone.


When you’re done configuring your mobile app settings, simply X out of the configure screen.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.


Printable Flyer for the Front Desk

To encourage your customers to download the RGPro Connect app, you can print and display a flyer at your front desk. We've created one for you which includes QR codes that customers can scan to easily access the app: RGPro Connect App Flyer


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