Creating a Document Classification Barcode

If you have a commonly used document that you scan frequently, like a waiver, you can create a document classification barcode that allows the system to identify the document type when scanning, saving you time having to classify each scanned document one by one.

  1. To get started, in the main Data Entry window go to Manage and select Document Management to open up the Document Management Configuration window.
  2. To add a document classification code to an existing document type, select the document type and click the Edit button.
  3. In the Document Type window, check Custom Classification Barcode. You can accept the number created by the system or give it a custom identifying number or name. You don't have to create a custom barcode in a non-multigym environment. Multigyms sharing an online group key, and documents it is paramount to use the custom classification barcode, but optional for single facilities.
  4. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the barcode. Go to the first page in your blank document in a program like Microsoft Word and paste the barcode wherever is appropriate. Rock Gym Pro will now automatically classify the document as that document type whenever it is scanned.
  5. To test the barcode, put a document in your scanner, click the Test Automatic Document Certification button in the Document Management Configuration window, and scan as normal.
  6. Click OK to save.





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