Sending an automated email for punch card purchases

When a customer purchases a punch card you can have the system automatically email the customer with your terms and conditions. Here’s how to set up an email that will be sent to the customer as soon as they purchase the punch card:

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Email System.
  2. Select the Custom Actions tab and click the Add button.
  3. Select Purchased Products - Simple and click OK.
  4. Under Properties add the following:
  • The subject line of the email (for example, “Thank you for your Facility Name Punch Pass Purchase!”)
  • Check Send email automatically
  • Check Send email regardless of Do Not Email choice
  • Select the products you wish to trigger the email. You could choose to use all punch pass products, or create different emails for different punch pass products if you want to add specific information for each one
  • In the Message Body tab, you can edit the content of the email. Use Customer Fields to add personalized information such as the customer’s name.
  • Once you’ve created the email, use the Send Test Email button to send yourself a test email to ensure everything is just the way you want it.
  • Click OK to save the edit, and Close to exit the Email System.
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