How to set up Membership Sales on a Kiosk

If you are on a Premium Paid Plan, you have the ability to sell memberships and punch cards online and at your Waiver Kiosk stations at your facility. Below are instructions on how to display your Online Membership Offering on a Kiosk at your facility.*Important: If you are using a web browser to display your Online Membership Offerings, be sure to disable the autofill feature in your browser OR use the Incognito Mode. 


From Data Entry go to: Manage -> Online Membership Offerings-Configuration


From the Membership Offering Property tab, select how you would like payment to be accepted in Kiosk Mode.


Once your Online Membership Offering has been configured, you have two options for how to display your Online Membership. 

Add the membership offering to your Kiosk Form List to display on a Kiosk
- Use the Online Web Widget in Browser Mode to display on a Kiosk

To Add the Offering to Your Kiosk Form List:


1) Click on the Kiosk Form List button




2) Click on the form that you would like your Membership Offerings to appear below. Then click the Add button.



3) Select which Target Widget or Offering you would like to add to the Kiosk Form List.




4) Select Membership Offerings and then choose which Membership Offering you would like to add to the Kiosk Form List.



5) Add the Button Label and Description and then click OK when complete. 


Your Membership Offering has now been added to your Kiosk Form List.




To Add the Offering to Your Kiosk in Browser Mode

1) From the Manage Membership Offerings tab, click on Online Widgets


2) Select the Kiosk/In-Gym Mode


3) Select the Widget Website Code tab and select Browser Kiosk Mode. Use the Kiosk Link shown at the bottom of the page to place the widget on your dedicated browser or tablet in your facility.




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