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I am a new user to RGP and currently trying to set everything up for our center.

I have managed to create an offering and followed all the steps provided in the tutorials and FAQ's.

I am finding that when I go to book a customer in on the offering, the price comes up as 0.00 even with a product with a price assigned to it.

Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else had this issue?

Apologies if this has already been posted, I could not find this issue posted anywhere.

Thank you.



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  • Hi Ryan,

    When a customer pays for a booking, Rock Gym Pro charges for a specific product so that it knows to which account it should assign that revenue, but it ignores the product price and instead charges the offering price, which is determined by the pricing rules you specify on the Pricing tab while configuring that offering. This may seem confusing, but it's what allows RGP to create extremely flexible pricing rules. This flexibility allows you to do things like charge per participant, charge a flat fee for the first 5 participants and a per participant fee thereafter, charge different prices on different days of the week, etc.

    You can find our Knowledge Base article about assigning a price to an offering here:

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