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Would it be possible to add a quick link on the Check in screen (customer box on the right, eg next to the 'edit customer' and 'more' boxes) to switch to the POS screen and pre-populate the same person? 
- at the moment we can start with POS and use the auto check in facility, however we have found this results in a lot of false positive check ins.
- every customer needs to check in, whereas not all of them need to POS. Hence we tend to start with check in and then POS when needed, but there are several clicks needed to reload the customer. 




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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, we don't have plans to add a "Send to POS" style button from the check-in screen to the POS screen. We want to make the check-in/sale process as efficient as possible but we tend to be extremely cautious when making changes to core functionality of the software. A change to the check-in/sales process will impact hundreds of gyms hundreds of times every day. Since that kind of change has a huge potential for negatively impacting gyms in unexpected ways, we typically make changes only after seeing a pressing need that can't be mitigated with existing tools and after extensive testing. As it stands, most gyms can speed up the check-in to POS transition by using quick buttons and the "recently used customers" functionality that already exist. From the check-in screen, a staff member can,

    • Click POS to go the POS screen
    • Press Alt + C to open the "Find Customer" window
    • Press F2 to highlight the most recently used customer
    • Press Enter to add that customer to the transaction.

    That workflow takes less than a second once it becomes familiar.

    Industry best practices are constantly shifting, and we're definitely open to revisiting the addition of this kind of functionality in the future, but we're unable to add it at this time.

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