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Hi Andy,

We are looking at using RGP as our stock control system.

I have looked at the 3 variables, and want to understand how they work.

1. Restock pt (min) is presumably the minimum stock level, under which a order will be triggered when the reorder report is generated?

2. Reorder quantity is presumably the batch size in which those goods can be ordered, e.g. cans of soft drink come in trays of 24?

3. Target quantity (max) is presumably the limit up to which RGP will tell me to order, e.g. if I have 24 cans in stock, but the restock pt is 48, the reorder quantity is 24 and the target quantity is 96, RGP will tell me to order 3 units?

These were only my assumptions, and I've already tested this and found it doesn't work this way so was wondering how it is set up to work.

When I tested using these 3 inventory reorder values I found:

1. that putting anything in the boxes meant the item appears on a reorder report - whether a reorder is required or not. Is there any way RGP can give me a report that only contains items that need to be reordered - i.e. stock has fallen below reorder pt (min)?

2. when the stock on hand falls below the reorder pt (min) the corresponding item line on the reorder report turns yellow - the only disernable difference I could find

3. I could not get RGP to tell me how many items to order, the reorder report simply gives back the information I've already put into RGP, with either no highlight (if no reorder needed), or yellow highlight (if stock has fallen below reorder pt (min).)

Have I missed anything? Am I misunderstanding how the reorder system works?

Thanks Andy,




  • You test is correct. RGP does not specifically indicate the amount to order, and just has the reorder amount as a reminder. The "reorder amount/target quantity" should be viewed as a suggestion amount, rather than a fixed amount.

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  • Thanks Andy,

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  • Hey guys,

    Trying to figure this out also.

    I've found the Reorder List

    Example 1: Fiveten. All shoes and are Inventory Groups, each size is a subitem.
    Reorder Pt (Min): 0 | Reorder Qty: 1 | Target Quantity (Max): 1

    This means that anytime we're out of stock on a shoe in a given size, it shows up on the Reorder List. This works great.

    Example 2: Nature's Batch (Snack Distributor)
    All items are Inventory Singles. Most stuff comes in cases of 12, and I want to order 2 cases at a time. I'd like them to not show up on this list until we're down to 10 of them, then I'd like to order 2 cases.
    Reorder Pt (Min): 10 | Reorder Qty: 24 | Target Quantity (Max): 24

    Many items show up on the reorder list when we still have 11, 12, or 36 items left. This does not work well.

    What am I missing?

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  • Kenneth -

    If I am understanding your question, all items are included in the report if they are LESS than Max point. Meaning, you *could* order more to get back to the max point. But only items below the reorder point are highlighted in yellow or red.

    So in your question, Nature's batch would be included, but not yellow. Meaning, it doesn't require attention. But it is included because you may be ordered something else from the vendor and want to top off, for example.

    It's been a while since I looked at this code, but I believe this was the intention of how it is to behave.

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  • Got it Andy, that makes a lot more sense.

    I was using the Reorder List instead of the Reorder Report. This is adequate for the FiveTen shoes where Max is set to 1, but not with snacks where Max might be as much as 36.

    An item will show up on the report if current quantity is less than Max. An item will be yellow if current quantity is less than Min. An item will be red if current quantity is 0.


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