Overview of the View and Edit Customer Window

The View and Edit Customer window is where you will update all of the customer information Rock Gym Pro uses for billing, payments, checking in, or scheduling an event. This overview will help you find your way around the View and Edit Customer window, which you can access by either adding a new customer profile or clicking Edit Customer when you have a current customer profile selected in the Data Entry, POS, or Calendar window.

General: Here you can add general information about the customer, including contact details, date of birth, emergency contact information, and email preferences.

  • Membership – specify or change the Type of membership the customer has, check the Status of their membership, input scan tag number. 
  • Skills and Rental Gear – indicate the customer’s Proficiency Level, bouldering only designation, and Rental Gear inclusion. 
  • Policies - this section helps you track if your customers have filled out required forms, have specific skills, or received specific instruction. 
  • Picture – view or update the customer photo that shows up when the customer checks in.  

Custom: The custom tab includes any unique field mapped to the customer record from a digital document.

Punch Card: This is where you will choose the Punch Card Style, as well as add and edit punches.

Membership: Select Membership Payment Options, EFT Billing Details, PREPAID Membership Dates, Add-on products, and Check In Limitations.

EFT/Billing: Choose the customer’s billing preference, including credit card, ACH bank draft, or manual payments. 

Status: View the customer's Current Status (OK, Terminated, Frozen) and make status changes to a customer's account. 

Notes: Enter notes about the customer for other staff members to reference in the future.

Guest Passes: You can use guest passes here, as well as in the Check In module. 

Emails: Review all past automated emails sent to the customer.

Tags: Add, edit, and review tags that are associated with the customer.

Online/Mobile Account: Create and edit account information for the RGPro Connect app.

Quick Configure: Use the Quick Configure button to set the customer up for an ongoing EFT, a prepaid pass, or a punch card.

Customer History: Review the change history for the customer profile to see who made edits when.




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