Zapier Integration

What is the RGP + Zapier integration?
Zapier is a cloud-based integrations platform that allows you to automate actions between popular web apps you use every day. With the Rock Gym Pro Zapier integration, you can send “events” to Zapier from specific triggers within RGP. Zapier responds to these events by triggering actions within other applications such as Google Docs, email systems, SMS systems, etc.

This integration does not send all of your RGP data to Zapier. It is an event-based system designed within specific triggers that are built into RGP. 

Available Triggers within RGP

  • customer.create
  • checkin.create
  • Invoice.create
  • membership.added
  • membership.removed
  • customer.tag.added
  • customer.tag.removed
  • customer.contactinfoupdated

IMPORTANT: RGP + Zapier Integration Event Firing Rules


Step 1: Generating a Rock Gym Pro API Key

In order to use the integration, you need to generate an API key. 

Generate API Key for RGP Cloud

Generate API Key for Locally Hosted RGP


Step 2: Creating "Zaps" at Zapier

Create an account at

The RGP Zapier App is currently in private beta at Zapier. Use the below invite link to access the integration:


After creating an account, click the Make a Zap! button.



Search for and select the Rock Gym Pro app.



Choose the Trigger Event and click Continueimage4.png

Connect to Rock Gym Pro by using the API key/username created in Step 1 above.  

Click +Add a New Account and enter in the API key/username.




Zapier will display a pop-up window. Enter your API Username and API key from the steps above.


Complete the Zapier event configuration. 

For multigym deployments, you have the option of adding a facility code to filter events, but this is not required.


Proceed with the Zap building process by sending the RGP event to any of the connected apps within Zapier.



Step 3: Activating events within RGP

Once you've created Zaps in Zapier, you need to activate the events within Rock Gym Pro so they can be sent to Zapier.

To do this, from Data Entry go to Manage -> Settings -> Integrations -> Zapier





Step 4: Reviewing Trigger System Activity Event Log

Trigger events can be tracked within the Trigger System Activity Log. This menu option is only visible once Zapier has been enabled. Data Entry -> View -> Trigger System Activity Log

REMINDER: Review the trigger firing rules documentation






Information sent to Zapier

Almost all the information available regarding an event is sent to Zapier, including customer details, invoice details, check-in details, etc. 

The best place to see the available fields for an incoming event in Zapier would be to look at the actual payload sent to Zapier after an event is triggered. To do that, trigger an event in RGP and then look at the REQUEST BODY in the Trigger System Log (see screenshot below).

You can also review the drop-down list of available fields when making a Zap at Zapier.



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