Custom Report: Members - Terminated with a Balance

Report Description:
Generates a report showing a list of members with a status set to TERMINATE on a specific date, but a balance is still owed. This report is most effective when run as a daily emailed report so you can be alerted and collect the balance from the member the next day.


Columns Displayed:

  • Member Name
  • Post Date (date TERMINATE status was set - this is the date entered to base the report on)
  • Current Status
  • Termination Date (date TERMINATE status is/was to take effect)
  • Balance



Download the SQL code as a .txt file


Disclaimer: Custom SQL reports can be used or modified by RGP customers at their own discretion. However, due to the custom nature of each report and the varying size of a customer's database, some reports may be slow to run (or may not run at all).  All support and/or modifications requested of these public, custom reports will follow the standard Custom SQL Report fee structure.

Please also see: Adding Custom SQL Reports

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