Adding and Editing Customer Source Tags

Customer tags can be used to track how people are finding out about your gym, in addition to grouping customers by categories (if applicable). When you add a new customer, you are prompted to assign a tag tracking the customer source. Once the customer is created, here’s how to add and edit a tag on a customer’s profile:

  1. You can review the customer’s email history from several different places in Rock Gym Pro by double-clicking on the customer’s name. This will bring up the View and Edit Customer window.
  2. Select the Tags tab. This will show the current tags assigned to the profile. You can now select one of the following actions:
  • Click the Add Tag button to add an additional tag.
  • If you wish to edit the original tag select it and click the Edit Tag button. Choose the new tag and click OK.
  • To delete a tag select it and click the Delete Tag button.
  • Once you are finished working with the tags click OK to save.

Managing the Customer Sources
Over time, your staff members will add various (and surprising!) sources manually when adding new customers. You’ll want to maintain your source list by performing the following steps:

  • Normalizing the List: Go to Data Entry > Manage > Tags > Manage Existing Tags. Here you can edit the tags assigned to customers. This is very useful to keep your list of customer sources to a manageable number.  For instance, you may have a default source of “Web Search”, but your staff entered “Internet”. Using this window, you can change Internet tags to Web Search
  • Updating the Defaults: Go to Data Entry > Manage > Tags > New Customer Tags. If you consistently find your staff entering one particular source manually, then you’ll want to add it to the default source list.


Reporting on Customer Sources
A report is available called Tags – Customer Count and Sales that will display how many customers from each source were added within a specific date range. This report will also give you sales generated from customers with specific sources. You can access this report by going to Data Entry > Reporting > General Reports > Tags - Customer Count and Sales



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