How to Use Draft & Tip Receipts in POS

You can print a Draft Receipt and Tip Receipt to hand to customers prior to completing a transaction.



At POS, once a product has been added to a transaction, you will see a button on the bottom of the screen: Print Draft Receipt.


This allows your staff to print a draft copy of the receipt that they can hand to a customer for review prior to completing a transaction.

Example below:


TIP RECEIPT (Disabled by Default)

If your staff accepts tips/gratuities (e.g. at parties, group events, etc), you can also set up Rock Gym Pro to print out a Tip Receipt.

Example below:


Once enabled (instructions below), the printed Tip Receipt can be handed to customers prior to completing the transaction. The customer can then write down a tip amount and hand it back to the staff to add to the transaction in RGP.

After a Tip Receipt is printed, staff will be prompted to add the tip amount to the transaction.


To Enable Tip Receipt:
The Tip Receipt feature is disabled by default. To enable, you need to first set up a Tip as a Product in your settings.

From Data Entry go to Manage > Products

Click on the Add Product button


Complete the fields from the Product Properties tab and click OK.


Your Tip Product has been added to RGP!


Now, from Data Entry, go to ManageSettingsPayment & Billing

At the bottom of the screen, select Tip Product/Receipt


Click on the Tip Product you created and then, Add button and then OK.


The Print Tip Receipt button will now appear at the bottom of the screen when a transaction is initiated in POS.

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