Back office hardware requirements for Rock Gym Pro

In addition to the front desk hardware requirements, there are two back office requirements to consider.

  • Server PC ($1500-$2000): Optional, but recommended. Although you can maintain your Rock Gym Pro database on any of your front desk computers, we recommend a dedicated server to store your Rock Gym Pro database. Any modern Windows PC will work as a server, but be sure to create daily backups. We highly recommend a server with RAID 1 (two mirrored hard drives), which will protect you in case one hard drive fails until you can swap out the bad hard drive with a new one. You do not need a specific Windows operating system for the server PC. A normal Windows 10 or 11 OS will work.

  • LAN Network: All your PCs running Rock Gym Pro must be connected on a local area network. The PC server running MySQL Server 5.X must be reachable.


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