Additional requirements for Rock Gym Pro

In addition to the hardware requirements, there are a few software requirements for running Rock Gym Pro.

  • MySQL Server (Free): MySQL Server is a free and extremely powerful relational database server that will be installed and running on your back office server PC. When you install Rock Gym Pro on your server, Rock Gym Pro will download and install MySQL Server automatically. Be sure to enable “root” access from all machines; note that you’ll need to select a root password.

  • Rock Gym Pro Software on Server (Free): When you install Rock Gym Pro on your server use the Configuration Wizard to create your gym’s blank database. The database should only be created on the PC you consider as your server. You’ll need to select an encryption key; be sure to write it down!

  • Rock Gym Pro Software on front desk computers (Free): Rock Gym Pro should be installed on ALL front desk computers. When installing Rock Gym Pro, use the Configuration Wizard to point to your MySQL database running on your Server PC. You can point to it by computer name or IP address. You’ll then need to enter the ‘root’ user and password along with your database encryption key.



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